Friday, September 23, 2011

Korean Miniature Class - It's All About Meat!

 And seafood!  We were soooo busy yesterday in miniature class.  I'm always amazed at how efficient my teacher is and how hard working.  Everyone goes at their own pace and she is quick to instruct you on the next step.  This is what we completed yesterday.  There was only two of us and still I didn't leave until after 3 pm. 
 The lettuce had to be painted.  It was three different coats of blended paint.  My teacher wants it to look like the real thing and it's amazing that it does.
                               These are the green onion after two paintings.  I had a third to do.
 We put sand on the mackerel to make it look more authentic and I there were five different coats of paint to get them to look real. 
                                                     Here is a closeup of the squid and mackerel.

                                    This is called bossam and it is a pork dish in Korea.
These are typical choices of meat at most Korean barbecue restaurants.  We've had it all and there is something about meat cooking over a hot grill.  The photo is only lacking all the sidedishes.

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