Sunday, September 18, 2011

Kim Bum Soo Concert in Suwon!!!

I have always wanted to see Kim Bum Soo in concert since I fell in love with his voice.  The first song I ever heard him sing was "Bogoshipda."  It was featured promidently in the Korean drama "Stairway to Heaven."  I went out and collect every one of his albums (CDs).  He was not popular while we lived in Korea the first time. 

But thanks to the television show , "I am a Singer,"  his popularity skyrocketed.  He recently ended his run on that show and immediately began a huge concert tour throughout Korea.  When I found out he was having a concert in Suwon, I had Hannah order tickets.  She went with us to the concert and it also coincided with Hellena's (another dear Korean friend) leave from her job as a flight attendant.  She got in just in time for the concert.  The concert ended up being right across the street from our apartment building which was perfect.
Hannah was shocked at all the people.  You had to go into a certain entrance according to you ticket and the lines were around the building.
i was trying to find a souvenir shop because you can't find anything on Kim Bum Soo.  No t-shirts, no baseball caps, no posters.  Guess what!  No souvenirs for sale.  Hannah said that it was the Korean way.
We got in and found our seats.  We were told not to take any pictures during the concert but many people including the couple next to me were caught many times.  It was really annoying.
But was he was singing his last song, everyone was taking pictures and video so I snapped a couple of shots.
He didn't have an opening act like we do in the States and he sang his heart out for over two hours.  We didn't get home until 10 pm and the concert started a little after 7.  I sat there many times just in awe of his voice and his ability to entertain and I felt so blessed to be in Korea and able to see him.

We came home and Jennifer had also come down from Seoul.  We all stayed up until 3 am talking and laughing like old days.  Who would have thought in 2009 when we left Korea that we would return and be able to spend more wonderful time with our dear Korean friends.

Here is the latest reason I love his voice.  He was given this song sto sing on the Korean hit show "I Am A Singer."  I still get chills when i hear it:

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