Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Hanji - The Korean Medicine Cabinet Part 7

 Monday when I got to hanji class, I found my cabinet looking like this.  I finished up the final leg and then it was time to finish the entire underside.

 That took the better part of an hour.  Every tiny serface was covered a second time, this time with black hanji paper.

 Then it was time to put cover the inside of every drawer in the front of the cabinet.
 I'm so lucky that my teacher measures and precuts my hanji paper for me.  Everyone else has to cut their own paper.
 I'm also learning what this is.  I call it a scrapper but in hanji it is called a haeder.  It is very important in hanji and helps to smooth the hanji paper.
 I used the brush to brush on hanji glue to one side of the compartment.  I placed the paper onto the wall, lining it up approximately 1mm from the opening and then using the haeder to smooth.
This is what it looked like with both sides done.

 Next came the roof.  Also, when you finish placing a piece of paper, you coat it with glue.
                                                        Followed by the bottom.
 Finishing with the back.  If you weren't counting, that was five pieces of hanji paper for each box.
 My teacher helped me to lay the cabinet flat which made it easier to work on.  This is how it looked as I worked.  My fingers become so covered with glue that I have a hard time telling the right side (smooth) from the wrong side which is sometimes just a little rougher.  She has a bucket of water outside the shop for us to clean our hands in.  I had to do that several times during the afternoon.
 Here is what it looked like when I left for the day.  Only six more to go.  I am starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel.  But I still have a lot more left to do.  I am going back Thursday and Friday this week.
She had also sent me home last week with homework.  This is for the front door panels.  I was working on bojagi all weekend and took a break from hanji.  She wanted to know if I had finished it yet so that's what I've been working on today.  It is cutting through three layers which is pretty difficult.  I hope to have it finished when I go to class on Thursday. Ooooyyyy, I'm a busy girl.

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