Thursday, September 22, 2011

Tiger Chilbo Jewelry Box

 This week in chilbo it was time to put the wet enamel onto the patterns I had traced last week.  Nan, my chilbo teacher, had me start with the eyes and the nose.
                                     I took some close-up shots so you could see it better.

 I did end up needing some help when it came to the black stripes.  On some of the pieces, I couldn't tell what to paint black and what to leave. 
                                                    Here is a close-up of a finished piece.
Here they all are ready for their first firing which we will do next week.  I almost hate to give this away but it's for my son and I know he will love it.

There is a festival at the Hwaseong Fortress on Saturday from 10-5.  Rocketman get in on Friday and we were thinking of heading to Seoul on Saturday so we will see.

I also have my second chilbo certification test on Monday after hanji.  I am also going to hanji tomorrow to work on the medicine cabinet.  I can't believe how busy I am but I'm loving every minute of it.

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