Thursday, September 8, 2011

Miniature Korean Food Class

 I started an additional miniature class today.  This class emphasizes meat and fish.  There are only two of us but we had a lot of things to make and the time just flew by.  Hopefully, mine will look something like this when it is finished.
 This fish had a lot of steps to it.  We will paint it next time.
 We also learned how to make our own silicone molds.  I had never done this before but it sure was easy and fun.
 This is how my molds turned out.  The one on the left didn't leave a very deep imprint so my teacher did that one over for me.
 The last part of class was making these dried squid and I can't tell you how difficult there were.  Wow, I really struggled.  I'm not used to air dry clay and when it comes to making very, very narrow tapered logs like the tennacles, I struggle.  The log would break because my hands were too dry and the clay was drying.  But I finally was able to get them done. 

I have the second part last Saturday's class this Saturday.  I was surprised because it's a Holiday weekend but no one really travels until Sunday.  Rocketman is flying to Japan on Sunday which is when tropical storm Kulap is expected to hit the pennisula.  Hopefully it won't become a typhoon.
This is why Rocketman was late to work this morning.  He snapped the photo with his phone as he passed by.  Traffic in Korea is wicked! 

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