Thursday, September 15, 2011

Metal Guy's Shop

 Won Joo showed up at Young-Soo's after calling Nan (my chilbo teacher) and finding out I was there.  Nan told me like this, "Won-Joo, bogoshipda Becky" which told me that Won-Joo missed me and that he was coming.  He brought some food that his mom had made for Chuseok and it was delicious.

He then surprised me by asking if I wanted to see his shop.  I've been wanting to see where he works forever.  So we got into his car and off we went.  His workshop is near Sung-Dae Station on a tiny side street.  The picture above is where he carves and makes his molds of his designs.
 His wall was filled with his award winning work.  I am truly amazed at his talent and his lack of any ego.
 This was one of the his latest creations.  He first carves the design out of a really hard plastic then makes a rubber mold out of it.  I'm surprised that the mold are all rubber since he works in silver.  I don't know how that works but he showed me where he melts the silver and pours it into these containers.  His English is very poor so I had a hard time understanding.
 This is also one of his new designs.  It is perfect for chilbo and is pretty big.  I love his detail.

                                                         These were just too cool!

 Loved this keychain.  Silver is out of this world right now and I have no idea how expensive these things are.  He also told me that he does a lot of work for merchants in Namdaemum.  They ask for certain designs or even will give him a sample.  He just makes the mold and sells the mold to the vendor who then manufactures it in mass quantities.  He showed me a teddy bear keychain that he designed and I was shocked.  I have seen that in shops for sale all over Korea.

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  1. How fun was this, Becky? Wow, his work is amazing. Maybe he finds silver and melts it down. I love the details. It looks like he stays busy in his workshop.

    Molly, bogoshipda Becky too! :)


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