Monday, September 26, 2011

A Visit to the Cat Cafe in Seoul

 I've been missing our kitty back home, Louie, so when we found the Cat Cafe during a recent visit to Hongdae, we knew we had to check it out.

If you walk by the bobbing bowl of noodles, you have just passed it.  It's right next door on the third floor.
                                                             This is the entrance.
This is the door to the Cat Cafe.

 When you enter, you are told to remove your shoes and put on some slippers.  One size fits most but Rocketman managed anyway.  You also have to sanitize your hands.  They take this cat business pretty seriously.
 Next you go to the counter where we paid 8000 WON ($7.50 USD) which included a beverage.  We were also given this sheet with how to behave in the cat cafe.  They really are protective of the kitties.
 Then we found a seat.  They also had me put my purse into a cabinet because the cats would be drawn to it.
                                                    They had all sorts of breeds.
                                                            They even had a hairless cat. 

 They had lots of places for cats to sleep and play.

                     This guy goes out to the corner and tries to direct business up to the cat cafe.

 I had never seen a bengal cat in person and Rocketman had no idea it had a name.  It really was a beautiful cat.
                              They also had the litter boxes out of sight but easily accessible to the cats. 
 This is where you pay and order your drinks.

                               It also was a hot place to take a date.  We found many couples here.

 Rocketman loves kitties almost as much as I do.  But whenever I would ask if we could get another one, he didn't hesitate to say, "NO."

                                    There were a lot of picture taking going on.
                                                           And a lot of sleeping.

                                       I have never seen a cat do that with it's legs.

                        So many young couples.  We were by far the oldest in the place.

This kitty loved to sit on this purse.
I also got the see a "scottish fold" kitty.  It's called that because of the folded ears.  I couldn't believe all the different breeds we saw at the Cat Cafe.  It was an afternoon of smiles and we had so much fun with all the kitties.

I also shot a couple of videos while we were there:

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