Thursday, September 29, 2011

Hanji - The Korean Medicine Cabinet Part 8

              In hanji class on Thursday, I finished covering each cubby hole with hanji paper.  It took me awhile to get into my groove but I them finished in about an hour.
                                       Next came the front two doors of the cabinet.
                                      I had to cover each door with white hanji paper.

       Next came the Chinese characters that decorate each of the small drawers.  They come in pairs and I have to cut each one out.  The hanji paper she chose is very thick and it was difficult to cut through.
                            After a character is completely cut out, it is glued onto black hanji paper.
                         This is what I had completed by the end of class.  This will go onto two drawer fronts.
 I also had two more sets cut out but then needed to be glued to the black hanji paper.
 She also sent me home with more homework.  This will frame the doors in the center of the cabine

My hanji teacher also had these beautiful lamps in class that she had just finished for a customer.  They are handpainted by a Korean artist and then my teacher makes them into a lamp.  I asked her how much for one and she said the painting was 30,000 WON ($25 USD) and the lampmaking was 70,000 WON for a total of 100,000 WON ($87 USD).  I'm thinking about ordering one.
Rocketman had another dinner so I decided to head to Home Plus after hanji.  I wanted some curl in my hair and decided if there wasn't a lot of people at the hair salon in Home Plus, I would give it a go.  The hair salon was pretty dead so I went in and requested a perm which is the same word in Korean.  i also wanted my bangs trimmed.

They couldn't decide who would have to do the foreigner and after about 10 minutes, one of the stylists came forward to direct me to her chair.  I guess she lost.  She didn't understand I just wanted some curl when a red headed and I mean red like fire engine red came in and they called him over immediately.  He spoke really good English.

He said they were hesitant to give me a perm since my hair was already damaged.  I said that it was always damaged and that was ok.  We talked back and forth for another 10 minutes until I told them to just do it.  I didn't care.  I also told him I wanted the chemical perm like a Western perm.  I had told him that I had received a perm in Korea before and the perm lasted until a left the salon.

She put the rollers into my hair and used the electric cooker which heats up each roller.  Then she unrolled me and put on the chemicals.  When she washed my hair, there was no curl.  No kidding!  I had told them.  So the red head guy helped her to reroll me but with larger rollers than I usually have in the States.  But they did the chemicals just like the States.

When they unrolled it, it was pretty straight still.  So they took everything out and in record time, rerolled my hair with thinner rollers like I had gotten in the States.  Third times a charm.  This whole ordeal took 5 hours!  I'm not kidding.  Rocketman came and got a haircut while I was going through the third rolling.  He didn't mind waiting because he had his ITouch. 

This is how it turned out.  I don't know how long the curls will last but at least I have some curl until I wash it.  Maybe I'll never wash my hair!  I just wish they would have listened to me in the first place and saved all this time.  It can be very frustrating.

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