Sunday, September 11, 2011

Korean Miniature Class

 On Saturday, I finished the three month certification program.  This was the final food that I made.  Not everyone took the same classes so I met a lot of new people.  My favorite part is plating and I'm wondering if that is how a professional chef feels.  It feels to wonderful to see the food on the plate looking fantastic.  Luckily, with my cooking skills, you can't eat this food.
 The upper left is bibimbap.  The upper right is mul kimchi or water kimchi and the bottom is cucumber kimchi or oi sobaegi.  Doesn't it look real?
 At the top is western spicy tuna hand rolls and the bottom are different types of Japanese sushi.
 Next came a pork cutlet with gravy and corn salad with some cucumber.  The right side is yellow radish.
 I was also shocked to receive a certificate.  I thought I may not be eligible since I didn't go through all the certifications.  Can you tell my teacher is a little camera shy.  She is a cutie!
 The owner is on the left.  She is the one I saw in the television show and she is soooo talented.
 Here is our whole class.  Can yo see how dressed up everyone is (except for me)?  They all come to class wearing their Sunday best.  Some wear aprons but most don't and it's really dirty work. 
Here is my certificate.  I was the first and only foreigner to ever complete a course so I was so thrilled to get this.  Korea crafts are certificate based.  You take a set of classes and receive a certificate.  You have to pass all the exams and classes before you are allowed to teach.  It's much different in the U.S. where anyone can teach anything.  You also have to have a certain certification to be allowed to open a store.  Imagine that in the U.S.

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