Monday, September 5, 2011

Maedeup Monday!

 I finished the bojagi curtain and now I am working on the tabs so that I can hang it up when we return to the States.  I had made some maedeup to add to the curtain but when I finished, I realized it was much too small to have any impact on the piece.

My thoughts were to go to the maedeup shop and get some larger diameter cording.  Problem solved or so I thought.  KJ, my teacher came today and she loved it and thought it would be great to use with each tab.  I am making five tabs so if you were doing the math you would think I would need a total of five.  But no, you want the front to be as beautiful as the back so she wants me to make a total of 10!  She helped me pick out the colors and now I have a lot of maedeup to work on.
 She also brought me this gift pack for Chuseok and was so surprised when I gave her a giftcard in return.  She was really touched.
She also thoughtfully got an English version of the contents of the gift.  I didn't have hanji today because my teacher's daughter called (who speaks English) to tell me that there was a death and she had to go to the funeral.  So I have hanji class on Friday.  I better get to that homework.  I still have a ton of hanji homework too.

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