Saturday, August 6, 2011

Ant Village (Gaemee Maeul) in Seoul, South Korea

 Today we ventured into Seoul to visit the "Ant Village" also known as Gaemee Maeul in Korean.  The area got it's name from the hardworking traits of the residents.  It is a small neighborhood on the side of a mountain. It is located in northern Seoul, in the Seoddaemun district  and more specifically the area is called Hongje.  It is a poor part of Seoul with many homes crumbling and collapsing from age. In August, 2010, a group of art students painted murals in the neighborhood to brighten up the area.

To get there take Subway Line 3 to Hongje Station and exit 2.  As you exit, do a u-turn and walk until you see a KFC on the right.  That is the bus stop where you will catch a number 7 green bus.  This is a picture of the bus.  It is very small to what we are used to.  Looking at the bus map above, you will ride the bus until the stop all the way to the right, this is the top of the Ant Village.  Get out and begin walking down the hill.  You will see the "Ant Village" as you ride the bus up the hill and let me tell you, the hill is very, very steep.

                                            Here are the pictures I took:


 I thought the workgloves and batmitton racket made a wonderful picture.

 We found quite a few people were growning pumpkins on their roofs.

                                                         More pumpkins growing on roofs.


                               You'll find a pagoda at the beginning of the street for you to rest.
                                                  Even found an outdoor gym.
 We saw many open doors but please remember that these are private homes and please show respect when you visit the Ant Village.  It was a wonderful experience!

                                                                  I also took a little video:


  1. WOW, first of all that's a lot of pictures! So interesting how they live, very close quarters for sure. Amazing what a difference the paintings make. I love the ocean (whale) and flowers. What an experience for y'all. Kind of puts things into perspective after seeing this. Love all the potted plants too. Thanks for sharing your Ant Village visit. ~Molly

  2. I think they are squash growing on the roof.


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