Monday, August 29, 2011

Hanji - The Korean Medicine Cabinet Part 3

 Now, it is really starting to look like a medicine cabinet.  I am still amazed at how this came together and there is still a lot of work ahead of me.

 The first thing I did today in hanji class was glue thin strips to the sides of the cabinet for reinforcement.
                                          Next I glued a black strip to the top side of the front and the back.
                         Then came very narrow strips to cover the seams on the front of the cabinet.
The last thing I worked on was covering seams with thin white strips of hanji.  From now on you will be seeing a lot of hanji paper being glued to the cabinet.

I had an interesting bus ride to hanji.  My stop was next and I made my way to the exit in the back of the bus like everyone else who were exiting.  All of a sudden I find my self being pushed and I fell into the lap of two bus passengers.  Apparently, an ajosshi (older Korean man) wanted a wider space than I was giving him to walk by me and took it upon himself to shove me out of the way.  I hurt my knee and shoulder with the fall but was more embarassed than anything else.  The women whose laps I fell into were very nice and grumbled about the rude ajosshi.  I haven't had any bad experiences with ajosshis in such a long time that I forgot to be on my guard.  Oh well.

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