Tuesday, August 9, 2011


I am seeing the end of the tunnel with my bojagi curtain.  I have one more panel to do and then I will be adding a border all around.  It's a slow process to say the least.  See the heart I added?  My fingers are getting pretty sore from all the bojagi and also the hanji I've been doing.

If you are terribly clever, you see that I'm spelling bojagi with a "b" now.  Rocketman told me that is the correct spelling even though every time my Korean teacher pronounces it, it's pojagi.  It's like the city Busan, the Koreans pronounce it Pusan.  It's just all too confusing for me but I want it correct so I'll be going through my old posts and changing the "p" to a "b". 

Next Monday is a holiday here in South Korea so I won't have my Monday classes.  I'm going to hanji on Thursday because of the holiday.  I'm also going to lunch tomorrow with Nan, my chilbo teacher and metal guy.  He also said he would show me his workshop where he creates his amazing designs.


  1. It's a ㅂ, which is an unaspirated p. They used to romanize ㅂ as p and ㅍ(the aspirated version) as p' (with an apostrophe), but with the new romanization system the ㅂ is always b, even though it doesn't really sound like an English b.

  2. Apparently there is a movie with Brian Blessed called "Mr. Bojagi." Who knew?


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