Thursday, August 18, 2011

Miniature Class

In this month's Korean food miniature class, we will be making everything you see above.  Today we spent prepping and making a lot of the food.  Next week we color the food and use resin to make the plates come together.  This time, there are only two of us in the class so it goes pretty fast.

                                          I bet you can't guess what we made with these.
 Using white thread to tie, we made a miniature bamboo mat just like you use to make kimbap or sushi.
                     We also made squid.  They will be painted next week to look like...
I made these wooden containers.  The teacher had every cut out.  We just had to smooth the ends with sandpaper and glue them together.
                                                              I also made all this food.

                                       The teacher said I did a really good job on the squid.
My cleaning lady came with a beautifully wrapped present for me today for no reason except that she likes me.  And yes, you guessed it.  She gave me underwear.  I was surprised more by her buying me a gift than by what she bought.  Rocketman had told me the story of a Korean co-worker (female) that was leaving his company.  One of her male co-workers bought her underwear as a going away gift.  Something that would be highly offensive in the U.S. but not here.  I guess my cleaning lady doesn't like my cotton underwear and wants me to get more fancy in the underwear department.


  1. Now I'm trying to remember what the buckwheat noodles on the bamboo mat are called.

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