Thursday, August 11, 2011

Hanji (Korean Papercrafting)

 This is what I am making in hanji, a Korean medicine chest.  It seems to be a popular thing to make in the hanji shop and there are several in various stages.  I marveled at how well this gal did cutting out the patterns.
 These are Chinese characters and I have seen the same characters used in an actual Eastern medicine doctor over here.  I love her color choices.  I am doing mine in chocolate brown and the hanji on the top and sides will be black.  The front is off white and beautiful.
 This is the top.  You can see the pattern that she cut out.  She is really talented and did an excellent job.
 This is my medicine chest.  It reminded me of buying something from Ikea when you get a flat box and put it together to make furniture.  Today's class was all about gluing and I came home with plenty of Super glue on all my fingers.  My teacher told me what to glue and that's what I did.
                                                               Here I have glued all the drawers.
 Next I had to glue all the boxes together to make the medicine chest.  The clips are there until the glue dries which is pretty quick.

                                                 The center support was then glued into place.
 Next I made the top and put a lot of reimforements to add strength.  Then it was covered with another piece.
                                           Here is what it looked like when I left for the day.
 She also sent me home with some candy that she made.  She is always making me food and it's really sweet.  Her kids are coming over next Tuesday and we're making cookies.
 This is how far I have come with my homework.  I thought I was doing pretty well until...
she gave me this to do also.  This is for the top and in case you wanted to know, it is 34 inches long.  I have soooo much homework.  Rocketman was shocked.  Since there is a holiday on Monday, I won't have class again until a week from next Monday.  I know she doesn't expect me to get it all done by then but I'm going try my best.  It's slow and time-consuming.

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