Thursday, August 25, 2011


 No, I'm not finished with the bojagi curtain but I'm seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.  I just have to attach a five inch border to each side and finish the ends.  That by no means is inconsequential and I have a TON of work left on in.

SJ, my teacher, came with my next project which will include using these colors you see in the photo above.  They are transparent and the bojagi piece will be a transparent piece.
She also drew this pattern that she wants me to follow.  I'm not sure about measurements or anything but I know she will be helping me to figure it all out.

I also found out that Rocketman has to work during Chuseok which is one of the biggest holidays in Korea.  He has to go to Japan and I did think about flying with but the only seats available were business class and he wouldn't have any time to sightsee with me anyway.  He also felt that he would be more stressed with me there and wondering what kind of mischief I might find.  So I'm staying home but don't feel sorry for me, I have plenty of homework to keep me busy. 

Tomorrow I'm back at chilbo for the third time this week.

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