Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Chilbo (Korean Enameling) Class

 I am having chilbo class three times this week because I have so much to do.  Everything seems to be hitting the fan right now.  I think I took on too many big projects which require extra work.  I have a lot of bojagi homework and hanji homework which is due to the medicine chest. 

Yesterday Nan was there was I came but left suddenly to teach a class at a high school.  She left me with an old friend I hadn't seen in some time.  She was there to babysit me and she brought a surprise but first here is what I was working on.
This is what I did in today's class with Nan there to keep an eye on me.  Everything I did yesterday which was four squares had to be washed away.  She said I put the enamel on too thick.  That was a waste of two and a half hours.  As you can see, today I did a much better job. I do really well with the blending, it just getting it the right thickness.  Five down, seven more to go.  I'm going again for an extra class on Friday.

My "babysitter" entertained me with music for the first half hour of class.  She played the Korean haegeum for me.  I videotaped her doing two songs. The first was a request by me for her to do "Arirang."

The second she offered and it was also one of my favorite songs of all times from "The Sound of Music." The song was "Edelweiss."

This was a first for me and I was so touched that she wanted to share her music with me.

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