Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Chilbo (Korean Enameling)

 I went to chilbo class early this week for lunch.  I thought we were going out but it turns out we ate in.  Bibimbop along with two kinds of kimchi and other side dishes from Young-Soo's noodle shop.  She made it especially for us.  She was busy with the lunch crowd and their wasn't any room in her shop so we ate at Nan's.  Metal guy came too and he prepared the bibimbop for me by mixing the bowl and adding just enough sauce.  They are always afraid it will be too hot for me.  It was delicious.
 Next I worked on the jewelry box for my daughter which I will call the flower box.  Last week we enameled the backside of the copper squares.  This week we did the front.  She had me do it in a two tone color.  These are ready to be fired.
                                               Here is what they all looked like after firing.
 Next I had to trace the pattern on each square.  She had me use three different patterns.
                              This is what each square looked like after I traced the pattern on it. 
                                           This is how all the squares looked after tracing.
 Next I had to paint over the lines using black chilbo paint. Next week I start to fill in the flowers.  It's going to be beautiful.  My chilbo teacher, Nan, wants to me to become a certified teacher which requires me taking a written test and then a practical (demonstrating what I know) test.  She wanted me to find a translator for the test since it is in Korean.  I told her that all my Korean friends work during the week which is when the testing is done so no one would be available.  She understood but I'm not sure what she will do about it. 
Near my apartment a new dress shop has recently opened and I noticed this sign.  Finally, a store that sells more than just size 0.  I think it may have 2's and 4's, oh joy.

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