Sunday, August 7, 2011

Making Miniature Korean Food

 I have gone back to my roots.  Yes, I am claying again thanks to my miniature class in Suwon.  If anyone remembers, I used to do polymer clay figurines on "The Carol Duvall Show" and had quite a few books on clay published as well.  The miniature class meets twice a month on Thursday and is 6 hours long.  This is what we made the first month.  The photo above is classic deep fried street food that you would find anywhere in Korea.  It comes with a side of soy sauce.  The dish includes shrimp, green peppers, sweet potato slices and pumpkin slices.  Everything was made out of clay including the dish.  The deep fried look came from melting candle wax with a little yellow crayon and using a toothpick to apply it too all the food.
 We made a box of chocolates using an angel mold for the chocolate shapes.
Next came a summer favorite, samgyetang, which is chicken soup with ginseng.  My teacher was picky about how the soup look down to the ginseng, jujubees and green onion slices.  Then it was covered in resin.  I never knew you could use resin and polymer clay.  The kimchi looked so real to Rocketman, he wanted to taste it and the beer was also made using resin we colored.  We even made the beer steins by hand by using a piece of plastic tubing.
Finally, this is Chinese food with beef chunks, potatoes, carrots and green peppers in a resin gravy with a side of rice.  The sidedish of pickles and yellow radish.  It looked to real.

I call these pictures "money" shots because they ended up costing me about $1000.00.  I couldn't get a good picture using my point and shoot camera and Rocketman didn't have a lens for closeups.  He thought we would never need one.  He ended up getting a really nice one in Taiwan during his recent business trip. A couple of his Taiwan co-workers are really camera buffs like himself and were thrilled to take him to a favorite shop of theirs.  He spent less than he would have back in the States.  The prices in Korea were really high so that wasn't an option.

My classes for the month of August are the 18th and the 25th.  I have no idea what we are going to be making but I can hardly wait.  It truly felt like getting on a bike again.  I've missed my clay days!


  1. You need to make some American food for your classmates!!

  2. They make American food too and very realistic.

  3. That Kimchi looks amazing! I've been trying to make Polymer kimchi for a while now and its not looking half as good.
    Do you have any tips on how to make polymer kimchi? Maybe make a tutorial on it?

  4. I would really love to enroll in a class but i dont know where in Korea


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