Monday, August 1, 2011

Visiting Toy Street in Seoul

 Rocketman and I ventured out on Saturday with a quest.  We were looking for ddong (poop).  Now before you think we've lost our minds, I had found some cute ddong stuffed animals in Gwangju and I was mad I hadn't picked them up.  Rocketman thought they were a hoot too. 

I had heard about Toy Street in Seoul and  figured if I was going to find ddong, it would be there.  It's called Changsin-dong Toy Street.  By subway, take Line 1 or 4 to Dongdaemun Station, Exit 4 or Line 1 or 6, Dongmyo Station, Exit 6.  As you exit the subway, walk straight until the first right.  There is a drugstore on the corner.  As you look down the street, you will see the shops.
 This is where you can get toys wholesale.  You can barter and many things have two prices, you pay the lower price.
                                                            I even found a styrofoam sign.
 On one of the side streets we found shop after shop selling aquariums and fish.  Not the kind of fish for eating but as pets.
 We met our Korean friends in Jamsil for dinner.  We tried to get into a seafood buffet place but without reservations the wait would have been three hours.  We opted for a Korean restaurant across the way from the seafood buffet.  This is what Rocketman had.
                                                                       I had mandu guk.
 I still love to take pictures of the kimchi.  We had to ask for me because of me.

 Next we went to a Starbucks for coffee.  We had eatern pretty early by Korean standards, it was around 6 pm so we easily found seats at the coffee shop.  I noticed this couple near us sharing a pair of earbuds listening to music.  I had never seen this in the U.S.
 Jeff and Hannah each have a smartphone.
                                                             Hannah LOVES her IPhone.
 She had this app that takes a picture of you and then tells you how old you look.  Can you believe my sweaty self came back as 27 years old.  It did make my name although I didn't believe it for a moment.  It also told you the percentage of people look similar to you and who you look most like.

 Jennifer and her sister also joined us.  Jennifer's sister works in Gwangju but is using her summer vacation to take classes.
                                                    Rocketman also had his camera in use.
 Now let's get to what I had bought.  I found ddong!  Aren't they cute?!!!!  Rocketman loved them too.
 You can hit each other with them and they say "I love you" in English.
                                              I also found these fingerpuppets for Noah.
                                                                  A styrofoam sign.
                                                  I thought these dragonflies were cute.
I also got this gorgeous fan for 2000 WON ($1.80 USD) from a subway car vendor.  They sell the coolest stuff.

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