Sunday, August 28, 2011

Our Local Coppee (Coffee) Shop

 This Sunday morning we caught the bus to Suwon Station for some lunch and it was such a beautiful sunny day for a change that Rocketman suggested we stop by our local coffee shop.  It opened soon after we moved back into our apartment and it's only a few short steps from our apartment building. 

When we walked in, we noticed the manager was gone so I took the opportunity to snap some pictures.
 Rocketman fell in love with this stuffed golden retriever puppy.  It's right on the counter and the first time we say it, Rocketman thought it was a real dog.
                               He must have had a lot of inquiries because now he has one for sale.
 I love this tissue dispenser.  Yes, that is a roll of toilet paper in there but toilet paper is used here in Korea as a napkin.  You just tear off as much as you need.
                     The manager returned soon enough and we sat down to enjoy our coffee. 

Rocketman had a work function on Friday where co-workers were going to play soccer at the World Cup Stadium in Suwon.  They even bought Rocketman a soccer outfit, 3XXX, which believe it or now was still a tad too small.  He never played soccer and decided to be the photographer.  Dinner came afterwards and he came home with quite a story.

A fellow co-worker broke his nose during the game.  It wasn't a bloody mess, only  bruised and swollen from the look of it.  He went straight away to the hospital and returned for the dinner later than night.  He said that they would be doing surgery on it on Monday and that he would only be spending five days in the hospital.

Rocketman was shocked that he would even need surgery but was told that it is pretty routine over here for a broken nose.  And the five days in the hospital seems really silly by U.S. standards where you can't even get admitted unless you are practically dying.  Here they tend to stay in the hospital as long as they can especially if they are hurt in an accident.  You collect more money the longer you are in the hospital.  Just last week I saw a guy in my Home Plus shopping wearing hospital PJ's.  Strange but true.

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