Friday, August 19, 2011

Korean Chilbo Association Beginner's Certificate Test

 My chilbo teacher, Nan, had wanted me to begin the certification program which is offered by the Korean Chilbo Association and administered by herself.  I needed an interpreter on a weekday which was impossible due to every one of my Korean friends are working and would not be available.

Vanessa, from our relocation agency, heard about the test and felt really bad about it.  She talked to the owner of the agency and he insisted that she come down to Suwon and help me with the test.  He told her that we were VIP clients.  I was shocked because this was not an emergency, something that they would have not hesitated helping us with.

Today was test day and I was one scared girl.  I hate tests and they have always made me nervous and insecure.  Vanessa came with a bright smile and said that I would do great.

The first part was a written test comprised of 10 multiple choice questions.  Vanessa had a little difficulty with some of the words because they were chilbo words and she was unsure so she asked Nan a lot of questions.  The photo above is Nan grading my exam.
 I was so nervous as she went over each question.  She was very serious.
 She also had quite an audience watching, Vanessa, Young-Su and me.  We were all holding our breaths.  I'll tell you the results soon.
 The second part was to make a chilbo piece to submit to the chilbo association.  I had to first lay a coating of transparent chilbo, fire and then add frit pieces.
 I had to arrange them like flower petals.  This is after it was fired a second time.
 Then cover each flower with a thin layer of transparent enamel and add some red frit for the stamen.  Then a final firing and this is what my finished piece looked like. 
 I passed both the written and practical tests and now I am a certified beginner of chilbo.  She said I was ready for the intermediate test so I will be taking that on September 18th.  Vanessa again will come down to help interpret.  Nan was so happy that she gave Vanessa a chilbo necklace as a thank you.
Vanessa also took this picture of me putting my chilbo piece in the kiln.  I was so relieved and excited that i had passed that Rocketman took me to Outback Steakhouse for dinner.  I was also told that I am the first foreigner to ever get certified in chilbo. 

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  1. Congratulations Becky! That is a wonderful accomplishment in itself, let alone in another language!


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